July 26, 2016

Registrations for SCDM 2019 Annual Conference are now open!

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Registration Fee:





INR 5000 + tax*



INR 1500 + tax*

  • Note: GST at 18% & 3% convenience fee will be charged additionally

Venue Details:


NIMHANS Convention Centre

Hosur Main Road, Lakkasandra, Hombegowda Nagar,
Karnataka 560029
Phone: 080 2699 5200


About Bangalore, Karnataka:



Bangalore is located in the state of Karnataka about 920 meters above mean sea level on the Deccan Plateau of South India. It covers an area of 741 sq. km. Bangalore, officially called as Bengaluru, is one of the three (other two Delhi and Mumbai) finest metropolitans in India. It is the most important and busiest part not for only Karnataka but also in total southern India. It serves as the capital city of Karnataka as well as industrial capital also.

Bangalore also refers to as the Garden City of India due to its wide range of gardens and parks throughout the city. Today, Bangalore is a home of many well-recognized colleges and research centers, private industries, software companies, telecommunications, defense organizations, aerospace, etc. Bangalore is also called as the Silicon Valley of India due to its nation-leading position in IT Market.

Bangalore is India’s second-fastest-growing cosmopolitan city with the rapid growth of numerous industries (speciously IT Industries). As a result of vast industrialization for the last few years, the population rate also increased rapidly. According to the census report 2011 India, approximately 8,443,675 people reside in Bangalore Metro city which makes it the third most populated metro city in India.

Rapid population growth and faster-growing industrialization do not succeed to make the city polluted like other metropolises of India, because, Bangalore is greener than other cities of India and the authority body of Bangalore determined to keep the city pollution-free.